Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mikayla's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Mikayla's 4th birthday on January 22, 2011. She has come so far this year, she has grown another 4 inches and is in the 8th percentile. This is truly a miracle and we couldn't be happier with her growth. Her medication has stayed the same for now .6ml daily injection. She is scheduled to have a new bone age done, and her typical round of blood work soon. I am curious to see what wer bone ages reads now.
Mikayla still has a long way to go, as she gets older her delays become more evident in some areas but in others she is so excited to learn.
Mikayla is excited to become a big sister soon we are expecting our 4th and final child Feb. 8 2011 (plans are to call her Maiah) she looks forward to taking care of her and not being the baby anymore.