Sunday, December 6, 2009


Recentlty it was brought to my attention through the Magic Foundation forum about a sho that recently aired on the Dr. Phil show. It was about what they called designer babies. The apparentyl started with a segment on Human Growth Hormone Therapy. The show was prwetty judgmental and had no medical professional there to give any factual advice. They basically made no indication that sometimes this therapy has to be give the GHD children for more reasons that just short statue and that we as parents are aware and scared to death about all the possible side affects that we don't know about but, also know that our children would not otherwise survive without it. The side effects of being Growth Hormone Def. is detrimental.
Dr. Phil should air another show apologizing.

Below is the letter for the Magic Foundation.

Dec 4, 2009 10:36 am (PST)

: D Dr. Phil:The recent segment of your show which dealt with "designer" children was horrifyingly negligent. The children who are taking HGH are prescribed such BY A DOCTOR. They have a medical condition in which their body does not produce enough of the hormone for their body to function. It is NOT all about linear growth, as your show tried to make it. If a child is diagnosed as diabetic, no one would THINK to refuse treatment. This is the same thing...the correct amount of growth hormone is MISSING in these children and all the injections do is REPLACE what is supposed to be there. Why was there no pediatric endocrinologist on your show who specializes in this treatment? I know why...because you would have gotten a response that didn't fit into your sensationistic aspirations for this topic. You don't WANT to show the truth, because that isn't what gets ratings. But you are being very unfair to those whose families are dealing with growthdisorders; and remember...some of them are (or were) your viewers too.---ear

Date: Thursday, December 3, 2009, 1:32 PMDear Families-Unfortunately the Dr. Phil show aired a segment about Designer Kids yesterday... .and guess what....he led with kids on GH! These kinds of shows are what fuel the problems our kids face! The bullying, the insurance prejudice etc....PLEASE read this email and help us BOMB his email ! Ask parents, friends, grandparents all to send comments. I have listed the links to his show and his email stuff below the 2 letters which Mary and I sent. Feel free to simply cut and paste our letters into the email form for his show and put your own "Ditto" at the top of the email to save time if you want. It doesn't matter that it is copied- he just needs to hear from everyone we can get! Please- this is important!The link to the show is here: to the picture of the blond girl with the blue eyes on Dec. 2ndTo email comments- go here:

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