Sunday, December 6, 2009


Mikayla will be turning three and about to age out of Early Intervention Services. The question I asked myself was what now. Like many parents the cost of the therapy services your child needs and what insurance will actually pay for seems astronamical. I was told about a transition that was possibly available through a special education preschool within our school district.

Mikayla recently underwent a series of interviews and tests in order to qualify for this service.This is a long and very hard process for your child .My biggest concern was Mikayla' size . She is a danger to herself. She is unaware of the fact that she is the size of a 18-24 month old in a 3 -4 year old world. The tables and chairs are to high and potty training at school will be a challange . Yet I can not hold her back. The best option would be a special ed preschool.

Finally after two months of the child study team peeking in and out of our lives we had our IEP meeting. Mikayla was found eligible and it was found that she would benifit best in a self contained class room. This is a class with only seven mildly disabled children, one teacher and two aids not to mention the therapists that will come in and out of the class on a daily basis. Therapy is done with in the class enviroment they call this an inclusion program (all the children will benifet even if the tharapy given is not intentially directed for them. This class will best benifet Mikayla because it supplies the direct attention that she needs. Mikaylas attention span is also very small and typically jumps from thing to thing very quickly.

This is a bitter sweet victory. I am so happy that she continue to receive services however I was so hoping that when she was done will Early Intervention she would be reay to enter a main stream preschool.

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